How are you able to offer such a speedy turnaround?

I have been working on the Squarespace platform for over 4 years so I am extremely familiar with the platform. I am also a member of the Squarespace Circle which gives me access to special features.
As long as I have all the necessary digital assets from you and access to the necessary third party accounts. I am confident that I will deliver as promised.
The only issues I have faced before is domain names that have been purchased from smaller companies. This could delay your website being live under your chosen domain.
We can discuss this prior to the start of the project. It is also possible to transfer your domain to Squarespace.

What if there is something I am not happy with?

Each package and service allows for 2 revisions.
If after those revisions you are still not satisfied there will be a task fee. I usually find that as long as we have communicated clearly at the beginning of your project there is rarely any need to go past 2 revisions.

I am not technical at all. Will I be able to manage the site myself?

All packages come with a 60-minute online tutorial so that you can feel you are in control of your site. One of the things that has always impressed me about Squarespace compared to other platforms in the extensive amount of information available in the Help section. They also have fantastic email and chat support.
Any time you feel stuck you can refer to this resource. I am also happy to answer quick queries too up to 3 months after your project end date.

Why do I have additional costs?

The costs incurred by you are for the keeping your website live on the Internet.
A Squarespace subscription is a flat fee. Find out more here. All my clients receive 20% their first year if they subscribe to an annual plan.
You do not have to pay extra for hosting, and your domain is free for the first year if you obtain it through Squarespace and purchase an annual subscription.

Other costs could be email hosting, membership sites, transaction fees and many other 3rd party services. While it may seem like there are many things to pay for, keep in mind these are a fraction of the costs you would face with an offline business. Service as a software (SAAS) providers have created tools that, once the ball gets rolling on your business, will automate many of the time consuming tasks.